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Accident & Emergency

Emergency Department (ED),
also known as accident & emergency (A&E),
emergency room (ER),
or casualty department is a medical
treatment facility specializing
in acute care of patients who present without
prior appointment, either by their own
means or by ambulance.


Arthroscopy (also called arthroscopic surgery)
is a minimally invasive surgical procedure
in which an examination and sometimes
treatment of damage of the interior of
a joint is performed using an arthroscope.


Medicine is the applied science or practice
of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.
t encompasses a variety of health care
practices evolved to maintain and restore health by
the prevention and treatment of illness in human beings.


Orthopedics is the study of the human
musculoskeletal system.The Greek word 'ortho' means
straight or correct and 'pedics'
comes from the Greek 'pais' meaning children.
For many centuries, orthopedists have been
involved in the treatment of crippled children.

ICU Services

ICU Services - The Intensive Care Unit (ICU),
is a very challenging environment.
Intensive Care Units treat critically ill patients and do so
in an environment where the medical,
nursing and respiratory teams have to anticipate
problems and stay one step ahead of the
patient's illness to be successful.

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Shivam Hospital History

Dr. Rahul Kalbhor son of Agriculture Professor and farmer Mr. Shivajirao Kalbhor residing at Loni Kalbhor on Pune- Solapur highway, 15km from Pune is the founder of Brand " Shivam" in Healthcare sector in Loni Kalbhor & joining rural areas.

"After graduating from DSH Medical college, Karve Road, Pune in Jan 1999 Dr. Rahul Kalbhor took clinical experience from various disciplines of medical science. During his internship period he was resident medical officer at Nachiket Hospital Nal stop Karve Road, owned by Dr. Vinod Kelkar an eminent surgeon which is 30 bedded surgical hospital he worked there for one year and got good exposure to general & surgical patients. After completion of internship he moved from Pune to his native place Loni Kalbhor . He initially joined the OPD of the legend Dr. M. B. Abnave for learning the basic tact of general practice, that is effective communication with the patients. He worked there for two months after which he joined Pooja Hospital owned by Dr. Dileep Mane (MD Medicine ) who is renowned leading physician and now Managing Director of Noble Hospital. Hard work & thirst for knowledge were the qualities which helped Dr. Kalbhor to get maximum knowledge and experience and he made the most of in the 10 months he worked with Dr. Dileep Mane.

Mean while patients started visiting at the evening time to consult Dr. Kalbhor and the number started increasing day by day. The idea to start a clinic to serve the local populations cropped up and this was the birth of the brand "Shivam''.

"Shivam Clinic " was inaugurated by the hands of Dr. Dileep Mane on 31st December 1999. Dr. Kalbhor used to see OPD in the evening and Couple of hours in the morning with rest of the time devoted to gain clinical knowledge. He continued to work in OPD of Dr. Dileep Mane for few months after which he joined OPD of Dr. P. D. Pote a renowned pediatrician. He gained clinical experience in pediatrics which proved very valuable in his practice.

Meanwhile the number of patients in Shivam Clinic started increasing gradually. Shivam Clinic was now open for patients the whole day and also for emergency patients at night.

Dr. Kalbhor's analytical mind started gathering data about how many patients had to be referred further only because of lack of infrastructure, who could be managed locally. He found that the number was sufficient to support a 10-15 bedded primary care hospital.

Dr Kalbhor was lucky enough as he had his ancestral land in Loni Kalbhor and Fursungi which are suburban and developing areas. Taking advantage of this he planned a 15 bedded Hospital with scope of expansion in future. He got help in planning this facility from his cousin Mr. Ajay Kale who is an architect.

The construction work of "Shivam Hospital" started in 2002 but took more than two years to complete due to availability of limited funds.

Meanwhile Dr. Rahul got married with Dr. Anjali who graduated from Tilak Ayurved College Pune in 2004. She proved to be a great helping hand to Dr. Rahul and supported him in his clinical work and future plans.

"Shivam Hospital " was started on 5th Jan 2004 without time to conduct an opening ceremony. A free Gynacology Checkup camp was conducted to announce its opening which was attended by 60 patients. Shivam Hospital got initial support from eminent Ortho surgeon Dr. S. S. Dumbre Patil in equipment and trauma care planning. Shivam Hospital got good support of consultants from various disciplines of medical science.

Being on highway and developing area the hospital had many trauma patients and gradually started to being recognized in providing efficient trauma care services. Meanwhile Dr. Rajeshwar Nangare joined as a medical officer in the year 2008. His sincere working style and clinical accumen was appreciated by Dr. Kalbhor. Considering the scope for trauma care Dr. Rajeshwar Nangare & Dr. Rahul Kalbhor joined PGDEMS course ( Post graduate diploma in emergency medical services ) in Noble Hospital. This is joint course conducted by NEMESIS USA & Noble Hospital, Pune. They got latest knowledge and protocols to be used in emergency from this course.

After completing PGDEMS course Dr. Rahul Kalbhor, Dr. Rajeshwar Nangare & Dr. Anjali Kalbhor formed a partnership firm to provide efficient round the clock medical & trauma care services to the community. During this period the era of urbanization started in Loni Kalbhor and Fursungi areas. 250 acres of Land from Taravadi, Fursungi was purchased by D. S. Kulkarni Developers Limited for starting an SEZ. Similarly 530 acres land in Kadam-wakwasti area was aquired by Riverview City Constructions Ltd. For developing a planned township. Both these proposed townships are in the adjoining area of Shivam Hospital.

Dr. Rahul Kalbhor sensed that this area would now need a tertiary care Hospital in near future. But the problem was he did not have management knowledge required to run a big hospital. He decided to join MBA ( Hospital & Healthcare Management ) course of MTE Society's School of Management situated in DSH Medical college campus , Karve road, Pune in 2009. Here he get knowledge of scientific management and various subjects like management accounting, HR management , marketing management, financial management , Hospital administration and planning, various forms of organizations etc. He evaluated that for further expansion of Shivam Hospital private limited company and charitable trust are best options.

During this period the population in the area started increasing, Dr. Rajeshwar Nangare & Dr. Anjali Kalbhor took care of medical practice which helped Dr. Kalbhor to get knowledge & plan for the major breakthrough.

Dr. Sachin Abane joined Shivam Hospital as consultant ortho-surgeon, his views about expansion of existing Hospital matched with Dr. Kalbhor. Two years of planning during MBA course was materialsed when " Shivam Multispeciality & Accident Care Centre Pvt. Ltd. " was incorporated on 4th Jan 2011. with Dr. Sachin Abane, Dr. Rahul Kalbhor & Dr. Rajeshwar Nangare as founder directors. These people took enormous efforts to spread this idea and share their plan with other consultants and doctor friends who joined them in this venture.

SMAACC Pvt. Ltd. has 20 directors from various branches of medical science. " Shivam Hospital " partnership firm is now taken over by SMAACC Pvt. Ltd. on lease basis and the operations of Dr. Rahul Kalbhor as Managing Director, Dr. Rajeshwar Nangare as Director Finance, Dr. Anjali Kalbhor as Directors HR with other departmental Directors have started from 1st April 2011.

"Shivam Healthcare Organisation" Charitable trust was incorporated in 2012 and helps poor patients (BPL ) and conduct social activities like Ambulance & EMS Services, Free health check up camps, Health awareness campaigns etc.

We hope that many more consultants & Doctors will come forward and join our group & together we will make this project successful.